What is your live stream strategy for social media?

Question: What is your live stream strategy?

Today’s episode breaks down three new ways I’m using social media to drive more on-page conversation and boost engagement.

Here’s a hint: They actually take me less time with better results.

Plus: links to some of my faves and freebies in the comments.

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  1. David Vaughan
    David Vaughan says:

    Pro tip: stop wasting time trying to be so damn fancy. Either focus on the delivering the value or focus on being the cameraman(or woman). If your message sucks, then those great lights you’re using won’t mean a thing.

    • Jason Franco
      Jason Franco says:

      There can be a hand full of flags like words of “We” when there really is just you. There is nothing wrong with Solo 🙂 or like when someone says “we have done this for our clients” when there is no proof of past work. In my company, I had to start somewhere and it takes time. But I think if you are coming across as something you are not and wanting people to pay you for it then be completely transparent. But Jessica please remember this from me “Opinions are like butt holes everyone’s got one just some smells worse than others” if I did not understand that, in my line of work I would have a hard time 🙂

  2. Jessica Payne
    Jessica Payne says:

    Roberto Blake Create Awesome is the influencer I told you guys about in this live stream. He’s a master storyteller, generous and an excellent example of how to leverage the best out of social media in an organic way.


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