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Jessica Payne LIVE is a weekly show where entrepreneurs gather to get real about creating positive change in life and business. Hosted by Jessica Payne, the show is live-streamed to Facebook and YouTube and features guests ranging from comedians to successful business owners. Follow Jessica on Facebook to never miss an episode!

How to Hustle & Win

Jerry Morales is a successful Realtor with Keller Williams Silicon Beach, mentor and entrepreneur who has has quickly grown to become a respected agent in the highly-competitive and world-famous city of Los Angeles. The founder of Learn 2 Hustle, Jerry was born with grit and determination in his veins and has drops his wisdom about what it takes push through your fears and create success despite stiff competition.

How to Improve Facebook Ads

Spooked by Facebook’s algorithm? Join me LIVE as I welcome Karen Newland, the founder and CEO of YourGo2Gals, a boutique marketing agency which caters to entrepreneurs that are marketing their programs, products, services and eCourses via Facebook Advertising.

How to Brand Yourself (Your Greatness!)

Jessica welcomes special guest Ersilia Pompilio, a pediatric nurse practitioner, creator and CEO of Rogue Nurse Media. Ersilia Pompilio is a freelance writer, blogger, and podcaster for Nurses and Hypochondriacs. In Los Angeles she teaches writing and storytelling workshops to healthcare professionals through “The Well Written Nurse ” Ersilia will explain how she discovered and now OWNS her niche, ditched the naysayers and is now generating her own success and fulfillment through her passion of nursing and natural comedic talent.

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How to Improve Social Media Engagement

I ran a 30-Day experiment making ONE MAJOR CHANGE in what I posted on Facebook and it immediately increased engagement, followers, website traffic and led to new business. Watch to learn what I did and how I’m combining that with another major piece that will be my 2018 blueprint. It’s my 2018 plan and now it’s yours.

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How To Inspire Action on Social Media in Five Simple Steps

There’s one reason businesses fail at social media. Do you know why? [Hint: it has NOTHING to do with technology or even marketing experience.]

ANYONE can transform how they use social media and begin generating REAL RESULTS with the right road map. Yet, my clients are frustrated to no end because a simple guide just doesn’t exist and they get stuck.

As a business owner and someone who works with mostly lean teams, I feel their pain. That’s why I created my new FREE Cheat Sheet: “How to Inspire Action on Social Media in Five Simple Steps” which you can DOWNLOAD STARTING TODAY in the link below.

Jessica Payne Brand Organics Podcast

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The Brand Organics Podcast™ with Jessica Payne is a popular podcast for entrepreneurs serious about aligning their business with their purpose for greater success and impact on the world.


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