Before You Speak: THINK – How to Create Powerful Authentic Storytelling for Social the Right Way GREAT SHOW TODAY! Thanks everyone for joining. Check the comments below for a link to my Social Media …

Before You Speak: THINK – How to Create Powerful Authentic Storytelling for Social the Right Way GREAT SHOW TODAY! Thanks everyone for joining. Check the comments below for a link to my Social Media Wellness Quiz which is free on my blog. You can also see how a BOT works by visiting my homepage at

If your social media content isn’t engaging, it probably has to do with emotion.

If your social media isn’t engaging like it used to, there’s probably an emotional disconnect. Social media strategy has changed in the last six months and you may be falling into old traps and shortcuts that no longer serve you. In this episode of Jessica Payne LIVE: Learn how to use the power of emotion to be more authentic and less pushy when marketing your brand.

Get Your Social Media Back On Track w/ This Quiz

We’re halfway through the year! Time to get your social media strategy back on track with my Social Media Wellness Quiz. It only takes 20 minutes – check the comments for the link!

Social Media Wellness Quiz – Get Your Social Media Strategy Back On Track

Jessica payne Social Media Wellness Quiz

I’m guessing that you’re chipping away at a long list of to-do’s right about now. Don’t worry, I am too. If social media has fallen off that list, here’s a quick exercise that will bring it back and only take a few minutes. 

Think of it as your social media wellness checkup. While it doesn’t include the kitchen sink, participating in the exercise will help you first, GET REAL on the status of your social media program and second, bring it back into alignment by setting goals so that you can start achieving results. 

No more collecting dust.

In order to get results, you need a plan. To create a plan, you need goals. And to set goals you need to get honest with yourself about where you’re at with your own program. What’s been your proudest moment? Where are you hung up? What’s holding you back? Are your challenges excuses? Is what’s impacting you internal or external, or both?

Here’s a hint: you’re exactly where you need to be. Assess, adjust and let’s get you back into alignment, pronto.

You can complete the following exercise in 20 minutes OR LESS, or take as long as you like. I encourage you to print this out and write your answers with a pen and paper. Old school, I know.

Seriously, turn off your digital devices while completing the exercise. Don’t worry. It will all be right there when you’re finished. I PROMISE.

Ready to improve your social media strategy? Good. Let’s get going.

Social Media Wellness Quiz 

  1. Have I truly committed to social media so far in the last 6 months? y/n
    Example Answer: Heck no. I need to get my sh** together.

  2. How can social media help me accomplish my goals?
    Example Answer: It can help me reach a global audience especially with new features like live streaming.

  3. Am I using the right channels to reach and motivate my primary audience?
    Example Answer: Not exactly. I’ve been completely neglecting LinkedIn.

  4. Has my content been effective?
    Example Answer: Yes! My live tweets at conferences have brought me new prospects.

  5. What value am I offering through social media content to keep people coming back? 
    Example Answer: People like my free tools and insights which keeps them engaged on my channels and returning each week.  

  6. Does my content accurately reflect who I am?
    Example Answer: Not really. It’s mostly just articles I share.

  7. Is my call-to-action (CTA) clear?
    Example Answer: No. Which could be why engagement dropped on my Facebook page.

  8. Am I using the best tools?
    Example Answer: Not sure. I use Hootsuite but there are probably others. 

  9. A brand/organization that I enjoy following on social media is ______ because___.
    Example Answer: Glossier for their cheeky personality and fresh, minimalistic look/feel.

  10. If given a magic wand, the first thing I’d change about my social media content is ___________.
    Example Answer: Consistency. I know I can make the time and create better content and need to finally commit to it as a priority.

You’ve probably realized by now that there are no right or wrong answers to this quiz. Your answers are valid and you’re already further along than you were when you began the quiz. Bravo! Ideally, you’ve written your answers down. Start by moving forward with #10.

Here’s a hint: Your first step is making your answer to question #10 a reality. Do it. No excuses. I know that you can do this.

The next step is up to you! What do you need to to do fully commit to your social media strategy? Then, execute.

If you’re stuck on getting started and found this helpful, you’ll want to try my Five Steps for Inspiring Action on Social Media Cheat Sheet. It’s free to download and will help you put purpose behind every second you spend thinking about social media.

Need someone else to take the reigns? Contact me via this website or find me on me on social media @jpaynebu on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook.

Marketing Without Being Pushy – Jessica Payne LIVE with RJ Redden of Black Belt Bots

Join me and special guest Black Belt Bots own RJ Redden to learn how to combine storytelling and chatbots to create a more authentic and seamless pipeline for your clients. We’ll talk about how to capture interest of website visitors while they wait and nurture REAL relationships through messenger without being pushy.