Podcasting 101 – How to Start and What You Should Know

Podcasting 101 – So you wanna start a podcast? Join me to learn about podcasting, how to start a podcast and how it can help you boost your brand. Plus how it has become a lot easier to do. Literally do it using my smartphone! Joining me was Dwayne Richards who drops some knowledge about how to start a podcast and a quick walk through my fave app, Anchor! Check the comments for tons of links and goodies.

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Here’s a great article from Gary Vaynerchuk on how to start a podcast.

How powerful is podcasting??? Here’s the infographic I referenced in the broadcast from podcastinsights.com – a great site with tons of insights and data around podcasting.

2018 Podcast Statistics

Safe spaces and finding your tribe online.

Safe spaces and finding your tribe online.

Live Streaming for PR – Jessica Payne LIVE

Marketers are embracing live streaming but for some reason, PR teams aren’t. Why is that?

Did you know that communications professionals are the perfect strategists suited for live streaming because we are experts at conversation? Now’s the perfect time to explore this powerful and new way of storytelling – whether you’re in PR or not – while boosting your engagement at the same time. In today’s episode, I walked through Live Streaming for PR and how to make live video an essential part of every communications program.

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