Cape Town Water Crisis – How to Change the World with Live Streaming

Can live streaming help change the world? YES. Learn how local Cape Town live streamer and founder of Cape Town Water Crisis Bridgetti Lim Banda went from concerned citizen to being interviewed by major media in my latest episode all thanks to her passion and the power of social media. Also, information on where you can donate in the comments!

What is your live stream strategy for social media?

Question: What is your live stream strategy?

Today’s episode breaks down three new ways I’m using social media to drive more on-page conversation and boost engagement.

Here’s a hint: They actually take me less time with better results.

Plus: links to some of my faves and freebies in the comments.

Hey FAM! I thought it would be fun to share with you fun items from the studio that keep me motivated! Check out my story from today to see. What about you? Snap a photo and share your motivations us…

Hey FAM! I thought it would be fun to share with you fun items from the studio that keep me motivated! Check out my story from today to see. What about you? Snap a photo and share your motivations us in the comments!

Here’s What You Need to know About Facebook’s Changes


It’s been a while since Mark Zuckerberg announced Facebook’s pivot back to quality conversations and if you’re still a little perplexed by what that means for your business on social media, here’s a quick breakdown of where you should focus your time and efforts.

Essentially, good-ol’ Zuck is trying to make Facebook a better place for people like you and me to connect, or re-connect, if you’ve left the platform. He wants to turn our passive thumb-scrolling back into more active, real-time engagement. Remember what it was like back in the day when we cared and enjoyed Facebook? That. So, while likes, video views and shares are important in terms of reach, he’s now doubling down Facebook’s algorithm to prefer ACTUAL conversations. This means that pages, groups and profiles that operate more like a community and generate discussions, comments and replies on a consistent basis will be given greater preference by Facebook and those are the posts that you’ll see more of in your feed.

Here’s what it boils down to.

You DON’T need to worry if you’re driving on-page conversation.

If you’re a good community manager, than all you need to do is continue to find opportunities to add value and spark discussion. This is exactly what Facebook wants, so you’re golden.

If you’re NOT driving on-page conversation, you should worry.

Look, it happens. Editorial calendars and Hootsuite make it tempting to just “set it and forget it” with the 1,000 other things you need to worry about. However, if Facebook has been essentially a place where you link out to your website, blog or YouTube videos 90% of the time, you risk losing what visibility you have left.

The good news is, you can right the ship. Here are three things you can do starting today that are preferred by Facebook’s algorithm:

1. Treat your page, profile or group like a chat room.

It’s so easy for us to overthink this. But honestly, if you think about the types of conversations we used to have back in the day (hello, Yahoo! Chat!!) and what today’s consumer expects, it kind so resembles a chat room. Keep it professional of course. People should arrive at your page, group or profile seeing a conversation already in progress. Your job as an admin is to emphasize conversation FIRST and sell/promote/broadcast SECOND. This may simply require dialing back on a promotion or two and carving out ongoing time to create more interactive storytelling in order to increase activity on the page. Replying back to every comment is a start and consider asking a question as part of the conversation to keep it going. The point is, you need equal measures of broadcast (aka promotional content) and engagement (aka quality conversations) or your engagement will continue to drop.

2. You (seriously) need to consider a live streaming strategy.

Are you using Facebook LIVE yet? It’s an incredible storytelling feature but takes some getting used to and with practice, it’s actually easier than you think. Live streaming to Facebook is an excellent way to generate real-time comments which Facebook’s algorithm LOVES. Plus, when you go live, followers are automatically notified, contributing to greater brand visibility. Facebook is rooting for your LIVE streams. LIVEs can be intimidating for a variety of reasons. Some of us are camera shy while many people I speak to are actually more scared if nobody shows up. First things first, you need to try it out for yourself.

If you need examples, you can find my latest live streams along with conversations on my Facebook page I’d  also encourage you to grab a free copy of my How to Go Live on Facebook in Minutes cheat sheet and companion how-to video which you can also grab by signing up to my VIP list.

3. Embrace highly-engaging features like Facebook stories.

Stories are shockingly underused by brands on Facebook which is odd because many of us already use them on our personal profiles or on Instagram. I get it. It’s easier for us to share little vignette’s of our nephew’s soccer game than for our business. But with a little creativity, you too can create bite-size stories that make sense and are OF VALUE to your community. Some quick ideas? Ask a question. Point to some recent research. Break down an easy DIY in a few steps. Keep it simple. And hey, you can put a call to action in a story. It’s the whole broadcast/engagement balance I spoke about before. 😉

What’s also great about Facebook stories is that they can be done using video, photos or graphics – or a combination of all three. So, if you’re nervous about being on camera, you have choices. I’ve had success using this on my page and in private groups to re-engage followers. Plus, it doesn’t take ton of time.

In short, Facebook will continue to change its algorithm and our job is to pivot with those changes.

Zuckerberg is essentially putting “community” back into community management and if you’ve stepped away from the conversation, that’s OK. Now is the time to move that back into the center of your content strategy and commit to that. I’m personally excited and confident that Facebook will continue to roll out more powerful features for us to use in ensuring we’re delivering quality content, so take a deep breath. Execute on these three steps and watch this space along with me.

If you’re interested in learning more about live streaming on Facebook, I’m excited to announce that enrollment is NOW OPEN for my course, Live Show Mastery. Live Show Mastery is a course + private community rolled into one that shows how to go live on Facebook in minutes and produce professional live content month after month like the pros to grow your business.

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