How to Increase Engagement on Social Media Using Emotion

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Successful brands recognize the value of creating an emotional connection as quickly as possible on social media. So, is there a right or wrong way to stop the dreaded thumb scroll and drive actual engagement? 

Yes, and the first step is to think positively when it comes to your storytelling.

Studies have shown that using positive emotions (like humor, awe and delight) on social media engages 3 times more than when using negative or fear-based emotions.

If you’re struggling to connect with your audience on social media, it’s most likely because:

  1. You’re relying solely on negative or fear-based messaging to convince your customers to buy from you

  2. Your choice of video or images used doesn’t accurately reflect your customer or his/her aspirations

  3. You post about your business, product or service 100% of the time

Stop doing all of this. Start thinking about what your customers want and need. Where are they at in life, right now? What’s keeping them up at night? What’s your personal experience facing what they are facing now? Can you offer encouragement or a solution? Can your social media channel serve as a safe place for your followers to gather? Ask yourself if your story has been missing from your content. Adding this valuable context suddenly pushes you forward as someone they can relate to on a human level. Someone they can trust. Just make sure it’s true. 

Using your own lived experience told through stories, videos, images or even casual tweets is much more natural and suddenly frees you to market your brand without being pushy or salesy. TRY IT. 

TIP 1: I’m always surprised by how many businesses still rely on lifeless stock imagery when there are better alternatives like Unsplash and CreateHERStock just to name a few. If you don’t have your own photography, I recommend spending time exploring these resources and always follow licensing agreements. 

TIP 2: “Social Media Fatigue” is an actual term coined for the general burnout people feel and increasingly, people are more protective about how and where they spend their time online. People are starving for a positive experience and that’s where you come in!

Establishing trust is the quickest way to stop the dreaded thumb scroll, to get people to listen, watch, like and share. But you have to pay it forward. Connect first and then convert. 

I’m so proud to share with you my “How to Inspire Action on Social Media in Five Simple Steps” cheat sheet, which highlights all of the major ingredients needed for you to immediately begin infusing emotion and trust into your social media program. It is free for download here.

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Feeling stuck when it comes to social media? Take my 20-minute Social Media Wellness Quiz to assess and build your roadmap for the year ahead.

Jessica payne Social Media Wellness Quiz

BEFORE & AFTER: Check out the fresh, dynamic and mobile-friendly web design for our client ¡Revíva! Just in time for their upcoming album, “Equanimity.” We collaborated closely to ensure their uniqu…

BEFORE & AFTER: Check out the fresh, dynamic and mobile-friendly web design for our client ¡Revíva! Just in time for their upcoming album, “Equanimity.” We collaborated closely to ensure their unique and authentic style flowed throughout as well as built in a functionality that made it easy for fans to keep in touch.

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Secrets to Creating Short & Sweet Social Media Content


Raise your hand if you’re a multi-tasker. I am too. I’m constantly watching Netflix while thumbing through Twitter or checking email. It’s a habit that I’m trying to break when in mixed company but when I’m on my own, it’s my preferred go-to for winding down.

I’m essentially competing with my own attention span. Companies vying for my time know this and the ones that actually reach me do ONE THING DIFFERENTLY THAN THE REST. 

They keep it simple.

Now, more than ever, it’s important for businesses to simplify their story when it comes to social media content. I’m not just talking about keeping posts under a certain number of characters – although that helps – but bringing in other elements like imagery, subtitles to YouTube videos or even audio. Essentially you want to start incorporating elements that make your audience work less hard so they can consume more of your content even while distracted.  

Tip: WRITE IT AND DESIGN IT FOR MOBILE DEVICES. If it fits nicely on a mobile phone screen and doesn’t require a thumb scroll, you’re golden.

The general rule I tell my clients is SHORT + SWEET + MOBILE and you’d be surprised at how quickly their results on social media improve.

FIND OUT HOW TO TRANSFORM YOUR SOCIAL MEDIA CONTENT into crystal clear, purpose-driven content for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and more in my “How to Inspire Action on Social Media in Five Simple Steps” cheat sheet.

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Easy Ways to Achieve Greater Success on Social Media Using Authentic Storytelling

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How important is authenticity?

A client recently asked me this question and I could tell he was frustrated. I answered it citing a favorite stats: 

“91% of customers want brands they follow to be authentic in their social media posts.”*

There’s no mistake that “authenticity” has become a buzzword for marketers but what I’m hearing from clients is that they are frustrated because they lack a roadmap which shows how to bring authenticity into their social media strategy and combine it with other elements to INSPIRE ACTION. You know, that thing you want people to DO to help your business succeed and grow!

Authenticity includes telling the truth and being transparent, yes. Increasingly so, though, it also means demonstrating less of a perfect, high-gloss brand identity and more of a unique, natural sense of “brand self” that is consistent in every image, post and tweet you share. When it comes to creating authentic social media content, it’s OWNING YOUR STORY and nobody else’s. It’s conveying (clearly) why you’re here and what you stand for.

Needless to say, if your business lacks a clear sense of brand “self” or purpose, you’re among the many businesses that LACK AUTHENTICITY. That translates to lost followers, dollars or worse. Here’s the thing, though. It’s easy to fix.

Tip: Do you know how to tell if your brand isn’t authentic? 

I’ve laid out EXACTLY WHERE AUTHENTICITY FITS INTO YOUR SOCIAL MEDIA STRATEGY so you can start putting creativity and purpose behind every post, tweet and live stream and grow your business.  

It’s included in my brand new  “How to Inspire Action on Social Media in Five Simple Steps” cheat sheet, available and free for download here. 

Take it. Use it. And start generating greater results on social media.

*Source: Bonfire Marketing

Cheat Sheet: How to Inspire Action on Social Media in Five Simple Steps

social media ebook Jessica Payne How to Inspire Action on Social Media

How to Inspire Action on Social Media in Five Simple Steps Cheat Sheet

Mastering social media is a must-have if you intend for your business to survive a competitive marketplace. Yet, so many people fail and quickly become frustrated, primarily because:  

  1. They feel like they’re wasting too much time
  2. They lack the confidence about which channels to use
  3. They struggle to achieve substantial results

If this sounds familiar, you’re not alone. In fact, “nine out of 10 companies report their workers don’t have the requisite skills to leverage social media as a business tool.” And businesses are suffering with low sales, lost opportunities and unfair reputations as disconnected or worse. 

There’s one reason brands fail at social media and it has NOTHING TO DO WITH TECHNOLOGY OR EVEN MARKETING EXPERIENCE. People fail at social media because they don’t understand the simple key ingredients necessary to inspire action.

Inspire the right action and suddenly your followers are doing EXACTLY what you want them to do. Subscribing to your newsletter, visiting your website, buying your stuff and so on.

You know who gets how social media works? Millennials. They understand the ingredients necessary to grow followers, get likes, drive traffic and get shares. For the rest of us, we lack a blueprint they were born with. Does a cheat sheet exist? 

Think about the last time you wanted to make something happen. Chances are you put some thought behind how to achieve your goal and more than likely, a combination of factors (or ingredients) were necessary to ensure that what you wanted to occur actually did. The same goes for social media.

As a business owner, I feel your pain. “What am I doing wrong on social media?” is a question I get all the time from my clients. In my attempt to find an easy explanation describing essentially the same conversation I kept having over and over, I discovered that no simple blueprint existed. I also realized that the people who need it most – you – shouldn’t be kept from information so critical to improving your business.

I’m so proud to announce and share with you my “How to Inspire Action on Social Media in Five Simple Steps” cheat sheet, which is available and free for download here. Discover the dots most people FAIL TO EVER CONNECT and start putting purpose behind every second you spend on channels like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter and grow your business. 

How to Inspire Action on Social Media in Five Simple Steps Cheat Sheet