My new brand Identity feels right at home.

My new brand Identity feels right at home.

PODCAST: Interview with Trikaroo Founder Gina Garcia

What does entrepreneurship look like when combined with a greater sense of  purpose? Let me point you to Gina Garcia.

Gina is an author, veteran entrepreneur and Founder of Trikaroo and we had the opportunity to catch up recently on the Brand Organics Podcast. Learn what inspired Gina to move to the Philippines in pursuit of launching a successful business that’s now transforming the mobility industry in the United States.

Part 1: Recorded originally on International Women’s Day (March 8, 2017). Stay tuned for Part 2!

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WATCH: Here’s Trikaroo in action.

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Experts: Do You Have A Branding Problem?

Tony Robbins came out with a documentary last year called, “Tony Robbins: I Am Not Your Guru.”  You may have seen it on Netflix. I’m no groupie, but after watching it, I did appreciate seeing how passionate Robbins is about his work and can see why millions of fans including Bill Gates, Sir Richard Branson and pro athletes have him on speed dial.

He also has a beautiful house and pool and foyer. So there’s that. #lifegoals. But I digress.

Back to the title: “I Am Not Your Guru.”

It’s as if he’s telling people, “It’s up to YOU to fix your junk. Only you can overcome your challenges and improve your life. Get through this grief. Overcome this loss or trauma. It might get ugly or complicated and I can help, but I’m not going to figure it out FOR you.”

That got me thinking.

What happens when we decide to admit publicly that we don’t have all the answers. Have you ever tried doing this?

In business, could I still call myself an expert? What if my clients come to me to solve things quickly? What if they trust me to have all the answers?

As a friend, can I still offer advice or give the same level of support?

As my own self, can I stop controlling my thoughts and do what LA Yoga Magazine tells me every month and “surrender?” Well, I’m trying.

Sometimes we have clients who hire us just to “do the work.” They need arms and legs with answers to worry about stuff they have zero time for. And that’s 100% fine. I have clients that trust me to interpret six months worth of social media data and turn it into strategy for the next six months. I don’t expect them to do this or understand the nitty-gritty of data-mining or online behavior (that’s my passion, not theirs). But are there opportunities to serve them as a facilitator too? What about your clients?

Could you let go of the pressure of being the smartest person in the room? Even if competitors keep doing so?

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