Take Back Your Power By Christmas

Take Back Your Power By Christmas

Take Back Your Power By Christmas Eve



Raise your hand if you feel just little overwhelmed right now because of the holidays??

In between shopping, work deadlines, gift-exchange parties and regular day-to-day chores (and remembering to call my mother, YIKES!), I’ve been pulling some 18-hour days lately — and there’s still a ton of days before Christmas left. Isn’t it supposed to be the “best time of the year?” Andy Williams on the radio would like me to think so. Come on, Andy. Help a girl out.

This time of year, it’s easy for us to over-extend ourselves, over-promise, over-share…. Office holiday party people, I’m looking at you. Feel me on this? So, I wanted to drop this blog post to let you know that I am right there with you. And that maybe I could offer some insights that really help me.

I’m card-carrying-member of the YES club and just like you, used to find myself struggling to say no to favors and requests and boom, before I knew it, I had “gifted” myself with heaps of extra responsibilities when all I want is a five-minute break and a not-so-healthy chocolatey-mint beverage in my hand. Is that too much to ask?

The holidays make it difficult to say no because so much is going on and there’s this insane pressure to get everything done before vacation starts and people disappear. It’s why people put in marathon days just before traveling and a ton of people get sick in the new year as a result. Saying yes when we mean no is one of the easiest ways for us to give our power away. In relationships, in business, in family responsibilities, you name it.

It’s time to stop wasting time in 2016 and start creating positive change in our lives for a better 2017 instead! Who is with me!?

Hey, even baby steps count. Like after this post, I’m going to go sit in the sun with my cat for five minutes. I’m not going to take a call or answer an email in those five minutes. 300 seconds of bliss coming up.

How about here and now we commit to taking back our power by Christmas? Better yet, reclaiming our authenticity here on out?

The first place you can start is thinking about a few things:

  •  Are you speaking your truth?
  • Are you showing up the way you truly want to be seen?
  • Are you speaking your mind?
  • If you own a business, is it showing up as you’d like it?
  • Is your brand authentic and congruent with your own values and purpose?

I know, big questions. Stay with me…


One of the most common questions I get asked are: “How tall are you?” and “Is that your real hair?”

It’s true. My whole life. (5’11” and YES, by the way.)

Despite having an abnormal physical presence and **** ton of hair, it actually can be a struggle for me to show up in other ways, like speaking my mind or saying no when I really mean it. Perhaps you’re feeling the negative impact of doing the exact same thing in your professional or personal life. That’s the blessing and curse of the holidays because we do this.

So, here’s a little trick I learned.

I want you to consider where being open instead of closed, speaking your truth instead of staying silent and leading with choices instead of reacting to demands can play a positive role in driving action and impact in your life. Guess what? That’s living authentically. Doing this has helped me loads.

(Listen Now: Why Are Authentic Brands Successful?)

I know what you’re thinking. Authenticity is overused. Personally, I think it’s not implemented enough! Less talk, more action!! And that’s probably because there aren’t many guidelines on how exactly to infuse our personal and professional lives with it in a way that directly correlates with success.

What if I told you that there was a simple formula you could follow to successfully infuse your professional and personal lives with positive momentum and impact? 

For the purpose of this post, let’s redefine success right here and now as impact, however you see it.  Maybe it’s relationships, finding a mate, or if you run a business, sales, for example.

I recently introduced my Brand Organics Authenticity Formula For Success.  This five-step process reverse-engineers success (impact) into simple rules for you to follow which involve everything from brand clarity and storytelling to which emotions to use in your personal or professional marketing. Click below for my freebie and discover exactly what I do to help my clients successfully build this formula into strategies. 

And yes, this is a marketing strategy but it works whether you use it for professional reasons or not. I know because following these steps helped bring work/life balance back to my life, improve my relationship with my friends and generated $150K in sales for my business.


If authenticity and fulfillment are just as important to you as success, then please use this formula. Spread it far and wide. It will help empower you to overcome some common challenges, like:

– A feeling of not being heard among your colleagues or friends
– Difficulty saying yes or no when you mean it!
– A disconnect between your personal and professional goals
– Lack of unique identity you proudly own (this counts for your business too!)
– Desire of generating positive change in your life or business but not sure where to start
– Trouble sticking to New Year’s resolutions (I’m raising my hand here on this one!! I’ll get back to yoga, I promise. But first, cookies.)

Last time I checked, you were pretty unique. You have the opportunity to live a true, powerful and authentic life. That’s a gift that actually empowers others to do the same. So much better than a cheesy ornament.

If you haven’t already, sign up to receive a free copy of my Brand Organics Authenticity Formula For Success Cheat Sheet by clicking here or on any of the purpose boxes you see in this post. I hope it brings you success and overall, fulfillment knowing that you’re being your amazing self.

Don’t wait until 2017 to create positive change in your life. Start now and take back your power by Christmas.

OK, time to turn up some Andy Williams and enjoy my 300 seconds of bliss. Join me. 🙂