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Ever come out of a business meeting or end a phone call knowing you weren’t entirely yourself? For whatever reason, you didn’t speak your mind or you let the other person run the entire conversation. I’ve done it. Many times. And the reason I’d feel horrible (despite a huge victory sometimes!!) was because I knew in my heart that I wasn’t authentic.

Doing this negatively impacted my self-esteem, not to mention my personal brand because after a while I couldn’t shake that feeling and it would show up in my work.

“Just be yourself” is something we tell our friends before a first date or interview. So, why aren’t we so open when it comes to marketing ourselves and our businesses? Especially businesses where we are the brand (hello, consultants, specialists and experts) or where there are personal elements integrated all over what we do. I don’t care if you sell insurance or lead meditation retreats — we ALL have the opportunity to be ourselves when we market our business.

So, why do we feel we need to sit behind a veil of perfection or marketing jargon instead of writing our own playbook when it comes to sharing our unique and powerful story? The truth is, that is our right and it’s perfectly fine and profitable to do so but a lot of things get in the way. Time, money, “smarter” marketers telling us to sell our businesses THIS way instead of THAT.

Well, I don’t subscribe to that paradigm anymore and I want to empower others who feel they want to put more of themselves into their business – and be successful because of it.

If you run your own business or are thinking of starting one, marketing can be daunting. Perhaps you’ve been putting off marketing because you’re not really quite sure where to start. Or, perhaps you’re hitting roadblocks like lack of engagement or (like me) difficulty telling your story.

That’s where having a clear, authentic brand identity can come in handy. So, knowing that, I want you to consider where authenticity (being open, adding personality and emotion) could play a role in driving action and impact for your business.

(Listen Now: Why Are Authentic Brands Successful?)

I know what you’re thinking. Authenticity is overused. Personally, I think it’s not used enough! Less talk, more action!! And that’s probably because there aren’t many guidelines on how exactly to infuse your brand with it in a way that directly correlates with your success. What if I told you that there was a simple set of steps you could follow to correctly infuse your brand with this kind of strategic momentum to drive action, impact and ultimately success for your business?

For the purpose of this post, let’s redefine success right here and now as impact, however you see that for your business. Maybe it’s sales, donations, visits, subscriptions…whatever works for you.

In my latest podcast, I introduce my Brand Organics Authenticity Formula For Success.  This five-step process reverse-engineers success (impact) into simple rules for you to follow which involve everything from brand clarity and storytelling to which emotions to use in your marketing. Click below for my freebie and discover exactly what I do to help my clients successfully build this formula into their marketing strategy. 


If authenticity and fulfillment are just as important to you as creating impact and success, then please use this formula. Spread it far and wide. It will help empower you to overcome some common challenges,

– Difficulty explaining the four key components of their brand identity
– A disconnect between business plan and their purpose/goals
– Inconsistent messaging (not enough, too different or too many)
– Lack of engagement on key platforms like social media
– A drop in website traffic, sales, etc.
– They too closely resemble the competition


Last time I checked, you were pretty unique. You have the opportunity to tell a true, powerful and authentic story in a way that sets up your strategy to have greater momentum and create a bigger impact overall.  And that’s all that matters because good people doing great things is what the world needs.

If you haven’t already, listen to the latest episode of my podcast where I take you step by step through the formula and be sure to click below for your free download of the Brand Organics Authenticity Formula For Success Cheat Sheet. I hope it brings you success and overall, fulfillment knowing that you’re being your amazing self.


Happy Thanksgiving!

It’s hard to imagine I’ll be on vacation tomorrow. So much has been going on here behind the scenes, I can’t wait to tell you all about it. If you’re curious, take a look at my website where you’ll notice a complete brand refresh. You may have also seen some new imagery and messaging popping up around social media, including this channel.

But first, I wanted to say THANK YOU to everyone out there who has believed in me since day one. I am grateful for your friendship, encouragement, partnership and creativity. Wishing you all a beautiful, safe Thanksgiving. Here’s a video I made just for you.  And yes, Lady makes a cameo.


Why Are Authentic Brands Successful?

Can an authentic brand be successful? What if there was a simple formula to follow designed to drive engagement, forge relationships and build trust? Well, there is. In this episode, Jessica reverse-engineers success and takes you step by step through a recipe for building a powerful and authentic brand. 


Purpose Manifesto


Sail Your Ship Manifesto


Integrity Manifesto

Each Mind Matters Wins 2016 PRism Award

I’m sitting here on a very rare cold and crisp Los Angeles morning, truly grateful. It’s been an interesting week. I had surgery and if any of you know what this like, that can mean long hours spent recuperating in bed with many moments spanning clarity to spans of an all-out blur. Five days later I’m beginning to feel like myself again. I feel good. Rested. Almost ready to jump back into the stream. 

Surgery and the prospect of mortality really does a number on you or it did on me. And it has this beautiful way of tidying up priorities. It made me slow down and reflect on myself and what I’ve got going for me. This week, one of my campaigns, Each Mind Matters, took home a 2016 PRism Award, bestowed by the Public Relations Society of Los Angeles. The category was for best Webcast and our Directing Change Facebook Live Events edged out the competition for the top prize! My surgery prevented me from attending in person – boy did I wish I was there to celebrate with my team and partners at RS-E – but priorities are priorities so I did the next best thing and the they kept me informed via text, social media and email. 
Cue happy dance.
Each Mind Matters has a special place in my heart because it focuses on raising awareness of mental health and reducing the stigma so many face. That stigma prevents people from seeking the help and support they need and countless volunteers, civil servants, parents, students and regular people like you and me work tirelessly every day to make it just a little easier for everyone to get help and thrive. Everyone has mental health. So cherish yours and give it the attention it deserves. Check in on others you care about too. 
I want to give a special shout out to everyone on the RS-E team and Each Mind Matters. Thank you for being incredible partners and believing in me and the power of our combined strategic forces to make magic and spread your powerful message. 

Life will return to its crazy, non-stop churn. But for now, I’ll sit and bask in the feeling of a job well done and the gratitude for such an amazing win!

An Abundance of Riches! Two Clients Are Finalists for 2016 PRisms

When I first started off on my own business a few years back, award consideration seemed like a lifetime away. So, to learn that not one, but TWO of my clients are now 2016 PRism Award finalists is flipping fantastic.
I’m so proud of my team, my partners – and seriously??? my own damn self – for having the guts to jump out of the traditional paradigm and take a chance. And to push, pull and prod…and sometimes pray… in the name of what I love. Success is a team sport and running point is just as valuable as advising from the sidelines. More importantly, I’ve learned that it is 100% possible to succeed by taking chances and leading with emotion and purpose can absolutely result in an abundance of riches.
I’m not alone and must give a shout out to the amazing teams behind Each Mind Matters and Visit Anaheim, including RS-E Citizen PR.
Fingers crossed we take home the big award!

In other news…I’m thrilled to announce that not one, but TWO client programs are currently 2016 PRism Award finalists! Huge shout out to Each Mind Matters and Visit Anaheim for your continued partne…

In other news…I’m thrilled to announce that not one, but TWO client programs are currently 2016 PRism Award finalists! Huge shout out to Each Mind Matters and Visit Anaheim for your continued partnership and love for making an impact where it counts.

You can check out all the finalists at: